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Welcome to the City of Brenham, Texas

Holiday Closure City Closed: Friday, November 10, 2017

The City of Brenham will be closed for Thanksgiving Holiday - Thursday & Friday, November 23 & 24, 2017.

These closures affect the following:

2017 City Holidays


Notice: Adopted Tax Rate Increase September 21, 2017

Pursuant to Section 26.05(b) of the Texas Property Tax Code, cities are required to post the following statement on the home page of any internet website that is operated by the city:


For additional information about the City of Brenham’s FY2017-2018 budget, use this link

Tax rate history chart:

Tax Rate History

Tax rate history by the numbers:

Fiscal Year Tax Year O&M Rate I&S Rate Total Tax Rate
2008 2007 0.3245 0.1818 0.5063
2009 2008 0.3420 0.1622 0.5042
2010 2009 0.3420 0.1622 0.5042
2011 2010 0.3420 0.1622 0.5042
2012 2011 0.3420 0.2012 0.5432
2013 2012 0.3420 0.2012 0.5432
2014 2013 0.3579 0.2053 0.5632
2015 2014 0.2890 0.2022 0.4912
2016 2015 0.2950 0.1781 0.4731
2017 2016 0.3150 0.1920 0.5070
2018 2017 0.3200 0.1970 0.5170

*O&M = Operations and Maintenance, I&S = Interest and Sinking

Board Appointment Information September 19, 2017

The most effective way for citizens to become involved directly in governmental programs is to serve on a citizen board or committee. Ready to serve your community?

Sink Hole Burleson St. From MLK to Pleasantview St. September 06, 2017

Update: September 19:

A second sink hole has appeared Monday, Sept 11, afternoon located at the Higgins Branch creek crossing on W. Jefferson near MLK. City crews along with the Engineer evaluated the sink hole and based on the size of the void under the roadway W. Jefferson at MLK has been shut down until further notice. Last week a similar sink hole appeared at the crossing on Burleson St. Both of these crossings were affected by the May 2016 storms. Since this period, City staff has been working with FEMA along with outside engineers to correct the deficiencies and mitigate the issues. With the recent heavy rainfall from Harvey, these two crossings received heavy flows that have now left voids between the culverts and the roadway that have since lead to sink holes. With both of these sink holes no damages to vehicles have occurred. Detours around the area have been set-up until new construction can take place.

City Administrative Staff is working with engineers and purchasing to expedite the process so that both roads can be opened up as soon as possible. It is expected that both of these roadways may be closed until the end of the year with the major construction work that will take place.

Original Post September 6:

Yesterday afternoon we experienced a sink hole at the Higgins Branch creek crossing which has shut down Burleson St. from MLK to Pleasantview St. Our engineer will be on-site this afternoon to discuss a plan of action. We are anticipating this section of Burleson to be shut down until permanent repairs can be made to the crossing and roadway. Will update you more once we have a better game plan. Detours around the closure are in place. The past May 2016 flood and the most recent rainfalls have deteriorated the culverts and roadway.

Notice of Proposed Property Tax Rate August 08, 2017

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Visit us at the Brenham Pet Adoption Center to view all pets ready for adoption:

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