Boards & Committees

Main Street Board

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Term of Office: Three Years
Meeting Schedule: Monthly, 1st Monday, 4 p.m.
Staff Liaison: Jennifer Eckermann


Board Members

Term Expires December 31

1 Traci Pyle 2018
2 Margie Young 2019
3 Tiffany Morisak 2017
4 Dr. Walter Jackson 2018
5 Jon Hill 2019
6 John Herman 2017
7 VACANT 2018
8 Mark Schneider 2019
9 Jim Moser 2017
10 Susan Canty 2017
11 Connie Wilder 2017

The Main Street Board oversees the activities of the Main Street Manager and develops plans and programs to stimulate both historic preservation and economic vitality for downtown Brenham. The plans and programs must meet the Texas Historical Commission's criteria for Main Street communities.

Eleven (11) members are appointed to two-year, staggered terms by the City Council. These members shall be knowledgeable about downtown, marketing, financing, historic preservation or other disciplines important to the purpose and scope of the Board. All two-year terms expire in December of the appropriate calendar year.

The Board makes recommendations to the City Council on appropriate policies and plans for downtown development; works with the Convention and Visitors' Bureau to recommend and implement marketing strategies for downtown Brenham that will improve sales and create a positive public image; and develops financial assistance programs for downtown property owners.


Promotion Committee

  • Traci Pyle, Chair
  • Tom Whitehead
  • Susan White
  • Tiffany Weiss
  • Darlene Denman
  • Amber Westerfeld
  • Tiffany Morisak
  • Leigh Linden
  • Wendy Meaux
  • Brandi Conway

Organization Committee

  • Tiffany McMordie, Chair
  • Dona Lynn Parker
  • Linda Loggins
  • Scott Hill
  • Susan Ebel
  • Tim Horak
  • Lynn Reynolds
  • Marge Runge
  • Sharon Brass

Planning Committee

  • Tommy Upchurch, Chair
  • Melinda Faubion
  • Page Michel
  • Tom Whitehead
  • Charlie Pyle
  • Keith Hankins
  • Darren Heine
  • Mary Barnes-Tilley

Design Committee

  • Elizabeth Price, Chair
  • Bev Frew
  • Margie Young
  • Debbie Urquhart
  • Mary "Puddin" Barnes

Economic Restructuring Committee

  • Charlie Pyle, Chair
  • Bill Anger
  • Tom Whitehead
  • Clint Kolby
  • Jon Hill
  • Johanna Fatheree
  • John Hermann