Blue Bell Aquatic Center
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The City of Brenham - Blue Bell Aquatic Center - Pool Pack Upgrade

Scheduled for installation April 23-28, 2018 the Pool Pak system will replace the dehumidifiers in the two indoor pools at the aquatic center. These dehumidifiers also help regulate air and pool water temperature. The new system will replace the Dumont dehumidification equipment that was originally installed in the building and is no longer functioning as designed. The purchase of the Pool Pak system was introduced to City Council to purchase on January 11, 2018.


The Pool Pak installation project will also involve updating the heating and boiling portion of the mechanical room. The space for this is very tight and will involve shutting water off to the building for days while work is being done.


During this closure the aquatic center will also be getting new plaster in the therapy pool to replace the quartz aggragate with a smoother plaster finish.