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Street Resurfacing Project - Complete

Grant Lischka - City Engineer - Office: 979-337-7215

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April 10, 2013

Project Complete

Starting April 08, 2013

The contractor has finished all streets and are in the process of cleaning the curb and gutters today.

Starting April 04, 2013

The contractor will start work on North Market to East Academy - Then to North Park Street, this will be the last street of this project

Starting March 30, 2013

The contractor is working on Chappell Hill St. Will move on to to Pecan

Starting February 27, 2013

The contractor is working on Burleson St. between MLK Jr. Dr. and Hwy. 577

Starting February 22, 2013

The contractor will finish work on Lubbock St. and start on Jackson St.

Starting February 19, 2013

The contractor will start on Lubbock St. - Work on Stone St. was completed

Starting February 15, 2013

The contractor will start on Stone St. - Stringer St. was completed this morning.

Starting February 14, 2013

The contractor will continue with the overlay project on Stringer St. Thursday, February 14, 2013.

Starting January 29, 2013

The contractor will start on Stringer St. Tuesday, January 29 thru Thursday the 31st and the move clockwise through the overlay project map.

Starting January 2013

Due to contractor delays on a Houston project, the cold, and wet weather, the finalization of the overlay project will now start in January; weather permitting.

Starting Monday, December 3, 2012

Finalization of the overlay project will start on all of the streets that were worked on earlier this year. The contractor will finish all work within 30-45 days.

The City of Brenham will also conduct some intersection work on N. Market and N. Park St which will involve concrete instead of asphalt.

Starting Monday, October 1, 2012

City Street Department crews will begin reconstruction work on Burleson Road between 577 and Little Sandy Creek Monday at 8:00am. Work will last approximately two weeks.

The Street Resurfacing Process

During the reconstruction process, the existing street surface is ground up and cement added to the material to stabilize it. You will be able to drive on the street, but you should expect the area to be dusty for a short period of time. If necessary, we will periodically spray water on the mixture to lessen the dust; that may cause the street to get muddy.

After three days, the street will be smoothed out and a coating of oil will be applied to the surface. That will eliminate the dust as well as keep any rainwater from penetrating into the material. It does take a few days for the oil to fully soak in, but it is drivable after the first day.

After all the sections have been reconstructed, the entire street will be seal coated; during that process another layer of oil will be sprayed and a layer of rock added. During the time the crews are seal-coating, the road will be closed to traffic.

Tom Green Street is one of approximately twelve thoroughfare streets that are being reconstructed. Our plan is to have an asphalt contractor overlay all these streets with hot mix this fall.

We can't do this work without causing some inconvenience to you. Please be patient during the reconstruction process and please do not park your vehicles in the street during that time. Thank you.

If you have any questions or if a problem arises, please call Dane Rau 979-337-7407 or Grant Lischka at 979-337-7215.