Blue Bell Aquatic Center
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Blue Bell Aquatic Center - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does my admission cover all three pools?

Yes. However, some pools are closed to the public at different times of the day, refer to Hours for more information.

Why do I have to pay if I am not going to swim?

The charge to enter the facility is an admission fee that helps maintain not only the pools but also the facility amenities.

Can I bring a cooler with food, snacks, and drinks?

No. We do not allow any outside food or drink. We have a concession stand with food, drinks, and snacks. Exception: water bottles are permitted in.

Are there lifeguards on duty?

Yes, all three pools are guarded by American Red Cross certified lifeguards.

Why can't we wear cotton t-shirts in the pool?

Cotton breaks down in the water and causes problems with our filter system. If you need extra covering we recommend synthetic material (i.e. nylon, polyester, Lycra). Please avoid cotton blends (i.e. poly cotton blend.

How many lanes are open for lap swimming?

During the off season (non-summer months) all 6 lanes are open for lap swimmers with the exceptions of private parties, swim team practices, and swim meets. Regular lane closures are posted online, in the season brochure, and at the front doors of the facility.


During the summer all 6 lanes are open for lap swimming Monday - Friday from 6am to 10am (with the exceptions of swim lessons and swim team practices listed on the hours section).


Three lanes are open for lap swimmers from 10am - 7pm Monday - Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. The other three lanes are open for recreational swimmers starting at 10am Monday - Friday.

What is the temperature of the water?

On average, the warm water therapy pool is 90-93 degrees and the competition/lap swim pool is 80-83 degrees. The leisure pool averages between 70-80 degrees throughout the summer.

Is there an aquatic therapist on site for instruction?

There is not an aquatic therapist on site. If you are in need of rehabilitation please contact the front desk for more information at 979-337-7250.

What are the dimensions of the Therapy Pool?

The pool is square (33' 0" x 33' 0"). The depth of the therapy pool starts at 3'4" and slopes to 4'. There is one ladder, one stair case, one ramp, and one chair lift that provide accessibility to the pool.

What are the dimensions of the competition pool?

The length of the competition pool is 25 yards (22.86 meters) and has 6 lanes (totaling 43' 0" wide), three ladders and one corner staircase. The depth of the pool starts at 3'4" and slopes down to 5'9". Because of our relatively shallow pool, recreational diving is not allowed.

What kind of changing facilities are available?

There are two main locker rooms next to the main entrance to the competition pool. Each locker room has five showers, changing areas, restrooms and lockers (locks not provided). There are also two bathrooms in the therapy pool area that include a shower and room to change. Benches and bins on the therapy deck are available for you to store your personal items.

Why should I shower before entering the pool if I am clean when I arrive?

Your body is constantly sloughing oil and skin cells. You and your clothes will attract a surprising amount of particles just from the walk to the building. Rinsing off in the shower prior to entering the water helps keep the pool clean and reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep the water safe. Showering off is a easy way to be respectful of the facility and your fellow swimmers in the water.

Why do I have to be 48" to go down the big yellow slide?

The slide manufacturer sets the slide rider height for safety purposes. If a child is at least 40" tall and under 48" tall and wishes to ride the BBAC Big Yellow Slide, they must be able to swim unaided and without any flotation devices from the bottom of the slide to the stairs in the catch pool. Read more about the slide swim test on the rules page.