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Competition Pool closed 9am-11:30am Saturday April 21

The competition pool will be closed for a Dolphin Mock Meet and Dolphins Official Training. Therapy pool will be open regular hours 9am-1pm and the competition pool will open 11:30am - 1:00pm

Dolphins Swim Club - swim club practice begins (April 2nd) from 4pm-5:45pm

The pool will be very full during this time (135 registered dolphin swimmers) and you may want to adjust your schedule if you are a competition (lap) pool swimmer. If you do swim at this time you will be sharing lanes with our young swimmers.

Water safety classes start this week

Spring is here and Water Safety weeks are set to begin March 20th - This means the competition pool will be utilized during the times below for training our area's 2nd graders water safety before summer starts:

April 18 & 19 - 9:15am-10:45am & 12pm-2pm

April 30-May 2 - 845am-10:15am & 10:30am-12pm & 12:30-2pm

These times are estimates of when kids will arrive and each day will start with a video/talking session and then move to the water. We will try to keep a couple of lanes open for lap swimmers and we appreciate your patience and willingness to share lanes during these times.

Clean Sweep Closure

Scheduled for April 23-28, 2018 - All pools will be closed during this week to install new equipment. Learn more about the Pool Pak project here.


Blue Bell Aquatic Center - 3 Pools in 1 Location

Fall, Winter, Spring
Monday - Friday

Competition and Therapy Pools
6:00am - 1:00pm & 4:00pm - 7:00pm
9:00am - 1:00pm

Please view calendar above for season transition hours.

Daily Admission
Children 3 & under
Pool Passes
Seniors (55+)

*Rates are subject to change and are approved by City Council.
*Hours are subject to change due to holidays, special events, weather & attendance


The Aquatic Center is a beautiful three-pool complex composed of an indoor six-lane competition pool, a heated therapy pool and the outdoor leisure pool. Each offers a wide variety of benefits to the community. The Blue Bell Aquatic Center offers a number of programs and swim classes throughout the year.


Looking for a unique site for a birthday party? Give us a call. The Aquatic Center is a great place to hold special events and private parties.

Our Pools

The Competition Pool - open year round
The competition pool is used for both lap and recreational swimming and aerobics classes. It is home to our Brenham High School Swim Team, the Dolphins, and the Brenham Swim Club

Lanes 6
Length 25 Yards
Temperature 80°-82°
Depth 3'8" - 5'9"
Therapy Pool - open year round
The therapy pool is intended for rehabilitation and gentle water exercise. It is equipped with a wheel chair ramp, and chair lift.
Temperature 91°-93°
Depth 3'6" - 4'0"
Leisure Pool - open seasonally Memorial Day - Labor Day
The outdoor ice cream themed pool is perfect for families with small children. Attractions include: a Popsicle Walk, Sundae Slide, multi spray and slides, and our Big Yellow Slide
Temperature 68°-95°
Depth 0" - 3'6"


Additional Information

2018 Brenham Dolphins Swim Schedule

Competition (lap) pool will be closed the afternoons of Home Swim Meets - view High School Swim Meet Schedule

Swimming Laps or using the Therapy Pool?

Download the pool usage and availability chart

Of course we all want our own private lane and sometimes we share and make new friends. We have created a chart that shows when the pools are being used for classes or groups to help you come when it is a little more quiet. Of course, if you are looking for seclusion there are no guarantees - after all it is the Pool! Download the chart.


Not used to sharing? Need to brush up on your lap swim etiquette? view our etiquette refresher guide and be ready to share a lane.


Have a Flip Flop Fantastic Time at the BBAC!