Police Department
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Police Department - Divisions

All officers are certified by TCOLE and receive continuing education and training on a regular basis. Officers may also serve in specialized units, including the SWAT Team, Hostage Negotiation Team, and K9 Unit.

Administrative Division

Consists of the captain, PIO, community services officer, School Resource Officers, Animal Control, Professional Standards sergeant and Property/Evidence Technician. The Community Services Officer is a liaison between the Department and the community, and oversees community-related programs, including the Citizens Police Academy and the Citizens on Patrol.

Patrol Division

Consists of 16 certified police officers and their Captain. Officers patrol the city limits in police vehicles to enforce the laws and prevent crime; make traffic stops of violators, including issuing citations and warnings; respond to dispatched calls; make arrests of violators and suspects; serve arrest warrants; prepare reports in incidents; testify in court as needed; investigate vehicle accidents; perform searches of vehicles and persons; and investigate crime scenes, including taking photographs and fingerprints.

The Patrol Division is the largest one within the department and is supervised by the Patrol Captian.

Criminal Investigation Division

Consists of four detectives and a sergeant and is supervised by the CID Captain. This division is responsible for the investigation and/or follow up investigation of offenses reported to the Brenham Police Department. In a joint cooperative initiative, one detective has been assigned to the local housing authority to reduce crime and address issues identified by housing authority residents as affecting their quality of life. One detective specializes in Narcotics Enforcement. The CID also works with local businesses to develop strategies to reduce burglary, forgery and theft.

Office of Professional Standards

Responsible for coordinating all training for the department; maintaining training records; recruiting new officers; and conducting internal affairs investigations. View Complaint Process.

Crime Reduction Unit

Targets narcotics and habitual offenders and includes a warrant officer and K9 unit.